URF Racing is your — almost better then — factory direct source for approximately the best off-road products. URF Racing designs and manufactures suspension systems that might add some performance and value to our customers. Our systems provide some articulation and wheel travel for off road traction and we try to keep in mind that you want a comfortable and safe on road handling vehicle.

No matter what the terrain, if you have it in your budget, URF Racing offers an almost high quality suspension system, that might be designed for your style of vehicle.



URF is a Proud sponsor of TEAM NAXJA, and hopes all the best in KOH 2009!

BPE eliminators
Almost as good as what you can buy at K-mart, URF Racing's BPE eliminators are state of the art, and come in 7 different colors.

How to:
Fit your XJ in the back of a Ford pickup...
Need to get your rig to the trail head and don't want to use your gas? Call you friend with the ford Pick up and let him take you there.

Reinforcement Plates
Seems like everyone these days is getting into the frame reinforcement plate business. You've got your C-Rok plates, your SBS plates, etc.

Not wanting to be left behind, and sick of the spreading network of cracks in the upper corners of the rear hatch opening that were forcing the rear glass out at every obstacle, URF Racing has entered the frame reinforcement fray with URF plates.

Wagon Lovers!
Urf Racing is proudly sponsored by the 1971 Dodge Coronet wagon.

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